Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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inspired mag post

Please check out Inspired Magazine UK's blog for tips on how to rock all things trendy and beautiful. I always feel so thankful whenever people comment on my style, but I always get a little bit dazed and confused when my looks appear on international blogs. *Shaking my head cause it seems unreal.* Thanks so much Inspired Magazine for including me in your amazing Street Style section.

Things I've been doing lately...

a.) Got back into the steady rhythm that is the corporate world. Finance seemed to always creep back into my daily routine for some reason when I was outta it, so I took it as a sign that maybe it wouldn't hurt getting back into it... Mutual funds to be exact.

b.) My pup Ogi had puppies!

How cute are these little buns?? The funny thing is, Ogi is a white and brown Shih Tzu with some black areas on his ears, while their mother Scotch is a brown toy poodle... which causes quite the mystery as to why their color doesn't resemble their parents at all. And I am SO ecstatic about that.


c.) 2 of my friends (who happen to have the same name, but spell them differently) got married - each wedding was a month apart. 1 wedding was in Boracay (any excuse to go to Boracay is sold on my part) and the other (the most recent) was here in the city.

Boracay sunsets never fail to take my breath away. This is an absolutely non-filtered, non-edited picture. Just pure beauty.

Boracay sunset

My other friend's beautiful wedding at a hotel here in Manila

Patty's wedding

Look out for my next post. I'm posting pictures of some past styling projects I indulged in last year. Stay tuned.