Monday, February 28, 2011

/Fake Trees/

I am so honored that the kind folks over at Urban City Blog have featured me as their very FIRST blogger for their International Street Style section. You can check it out here.



Wearing an H&M sequins dress, Forever 21 jacket, Mango belt, Michael Kors watch and sunglasses, black tights, and Steve Madden shoes.


Like millions of other movie fanatics out there, I tuned in to watch the show that I anticipated all year round, the Oscars. Though I was quite disappointed with how James Franco and Anne Hathaway did (they were rather boring, wouldn't you agree?), there was one segment that stuck with me, and it was when Nicole Kidman mentioned that sound is what really puts a movie together... I absolutely agree. Imagine, most especially nowadays, how boring a movie would be without having sound to stimulate the ears and ultimately feed the imagination with the scene being portrayed. I think I'd go a little bit crazy with the deafening silence.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

/Gold and Yellow/

So sorry for the lag with posts! I've been quite busy with other things and I got sick, yes, ONCE AGAIN! Although, here's an update on an outfit I wore one day:


Wearing a New York & Co. top, H&M skirt, Charlotte Russe boots, DKNY cuffed watch.

I don't know about you, but I am seriously anticipating the start of Summer and can't wait to hit the beach! Though NY Fashion Week unveiled fabulous designers' spring lines, there's something about resort wear that makes me want to time travel on over to The Hamptons during June and just lounge around a nice fancy pool with a Mojito on hand. Having someone wait on me hand and foot doesn't sound so bad either... Here's my take on resort wear.


I'm wearing a Liz Claiborne metallic gold scarf, Forever 21 top, United Colors of Benetton wide leg pants, H&M black bow, Urban Outfitters shoes, Givenchy bracelet, and my trusty Ray-Bans. The pants with the bow belt was inspired by this pair of Red Valentino wide legs. Most of NY Fashion Week's Spring Lines were taken over by wide leg pants... a classic trend that I am absolutely in love with.


I hope I compensated for the lag in posting with more pictures for this post! I'm off to enjoy my favorite part of the week... the weekend!! Hope you enjoy yours as well.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

/Ode to the 70's/

While working on this post, it was interesting to come upon the thought that all throughout college and several years after that, all I ever wanted to wear were t-shirts, skinny jeans/pants/anything skinny and long-legged, and flip flops. Up until mid last year, I've noticed that my consistent wearing of skinny jeans/skinny trousers had finally been replaced by MC Hammer-inspired-harem pants, ankle cropped trousers and flapped or pleated trousers. In stumbling across these thoughts, I've come to be cognizant of my evolving style and that it has continuously been swayed by trends. That being said, I decided to finally break that spell and do justice to the style of pants that I've always had a soft spot for: flares.


Here I'm wearing an H&M pleated top (which I decided to wear backwards and I tucked the sleeves up to the top portion of my arm, giving them more volume), no label flare pants (which I've had for a gazillion years now), Gap belt, Ralph Lauren necklace, and gold sandals).


Mr. Boyfriend and I found a secret place that adds a lot of "depth" to our shots... and definitely A LOT of height.


We watched 127 Hours last weekend (after months of not going to the movies) and I still can't stop thinking about it. Minus one gruesome-but-couldn't-stop-watching scene, it's inspiring to see how some people really live their lives in accordance with the saying "live life to the fullest."


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

/Blue Sunday/

Ever since I was a "youngling," I've always been very fond of the color blue, whether it was periwinkle, navy, baby blue, and even a mix of blue/green, like turquoise. It seemed particularly odd to my mom that blue had become my favorite color most especially since she would always dress me up in anything and everything pink that she would lay her eyes on... which ironically was the color I used to loathe, but now am somewhat warming up to. With that being said, I grabbed this blue clutch from Trousseau by Reshma right when it caught my eye and knew I just had to HAVE this.


Wearing Urban Outfitters polka dotted top and lace top-turned-sweater, black high waisted shorts, black checkered mesh tights, H&M shoes, Forever 21 gold necklace, and a blue handwoven clutch by Trousseau BY RESHMA.


Speaking of blue, I'm praying hard not to have the occasional Monday blues tomorrow...


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

Friday, February 18, 2011


For some odd reason, all I catch myself doing nowadays is come home from work and obsessively search online for all things vintage, most especially, vintage blazers. I think I've fully come to the deep consideration of starting a vast collection of vintage blazers... and since I travel quite a number of times a year, it is now a future goal of mine to take advantage and attain vintage blazers from multifarious parts of the world... or at least a wishful future goal.

Speaking of travel, it's without a doubt one of my most favorite hobbies and actually serves as the key outlet to spending time with my family. My friend once told me that she knew somebody who could consistently take upon a job just to save enough for a year long vacation around the world, would quit her job and go on that said vacation, then would find another job, and would continue the same process all over again. Talk about vacation dedication.


Here I'm wearing a Forever 21 faux leather vest and gray pumps, an inner gray vest, Urban Outfitters top, M+P+E harem pants, Michael Kors gold watch, and of course, an exceptional Trousseau BY RESHMA handwoven clutch.


What makes this clutch a definite one-of-a-kind is that the top portion can be lifted off, which to me officially serves as THE most unique way of opening a bag!


I'm off to bed. I know I say this every Thursday, but TGIF tomorrow!!!


(Photography by Mikey Orsolino & Mr. Boyfriend)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

/The Clutch Full of Sunshine/

As I've previously mentioned a number of times, I have BIG exciting news, and I am SO HAPPY to finally be able to share that news with you. And what's better than sharing that news via an outfit post!

One of my good friends, Ms. Reshma Chulani, has created a line of bags/clutches called Trousseau by RESHMA, and they are exquisitely anomalous! The greatest thing about them are that she uses materials that are natively found in the Philippines such as shells, abalone, mother of pearl, and so much more local goodness. The official launch is next month and I am SO HONORED to be the VERY FIRST to blog about her bags! Though most of all, I couldn't be more proud of her for being the epitome of Miss Independent and being able to get things done her way... Or should I say, HER STYLE.


Wearing an H&M shirtdress, H&M jacket (which I turned inside out 'cause I recently discovered that the inner black lining, if turned inside out, makes it look like a completely different jacket) - which I wore HERE, black tights, Zara heels, Topshop leopard belt, Cynthia Rowley sunglasses, H&M rings, and of course, a Trousseau by RESHMA clutch.


I love how this shade of yellow is subtle yet is still the highlight of this whole outfit... The texture on the snake skin pops out so much, essentially adding more depth to the overall look.


I hope everyone has a great week ahead. I know I'll be keeping busy by staying updated on the ongoing NY Fashion Week.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


As you've probably noticed in my previous posts, I usually highly anticipate and somewhat praise the coming of weekends. Although I desiderate for weekends to last for more than 2 days (3-4 days would be perfection!), I usually take advantage of the 2 days dedicated to leisure to catch up with friends, family, and of course, relaxation. Unfortunately, I got sick AGAIN sometime last week and has carried over to the weekend... But I've vowed (to myself) not to let the sickness take over the pre-planned fun.

Mr. Boyfriend and I kicked off the weekend by paying one of our good friends a visit. SHOUT OUT to Kiko Ambas for letting us take some shots at his humble, yet modern abode.


Wearing Forever 21 knit top and shorts, Versace scarf, Bakers shoes, gold and white + gold bangles, Celine belt, and Michael Kors sunglasses.


I borrowed this gorgeous scarf from a good friend of mine. I love how the royal blue complements the gold details... together they make such a classic and luxurious feel to this scarf.


I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Hope all of you are doing the same!


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)