Monday, February 28, 2011

/Fake Trees/

I am so honored that the kind folks over at Urban City Blog have featured me as their very FIRST blogger for their International Street Style section. You can check it out here.



Wearing an H&M sequins dress, Forever 21 jacket, Mango belt, Michael Kors watch and sunglasses, black tights, and Steve Madden shoes.


Like millions of other movie fanatics out there, I tuned in to watch the show that I anticipated all year round, the Oscars. Though I was quite disappointed with how James Franco and Anne Hathaway did (they were rather boring, wouldn't you agree?), there was one segment that stuck with me, and it was when Nicole Kidman mentioned that sound is what really puts a movie together... I absolutely agree. Imagine, most especially nowadays, how boring a movie would be without having sound to stimulate the ears and ultimately feed the imagination with the scene being portrayed. I think I'd go a little bit crazy with the deafening silence.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)


  1. Absolutely love the green army jacket/blouse. It looks fabulous with the belt and it fits you so well. I love the skirt too. The setting of the photos are simple phenomenal. Congratulations with the Urban City Blog feature, you rock girl

  2. i want your jacket! is it a recent purchase??

    & congrats on the feature! you just started this blog this year and look at you go! great job, pearl! :)

    ps. i agree... james & anne weren't that great of a host. but nonetheless, they are beautiful people. hehe


  3. @Absolutely Mrs. K: Thank u so much!! Thanks alot for continuing to read my blog. :)

    @Cindy: Thank u so much... you're so sweet!! Hmm no I think I got the jacket sometime around last year. I agree. They're both really beautiful... and talented! Thanks so much for reading!! :)

  4. congrats on the feature!! :) And i love the layering of your outfit!

    The Oscars were a bit boring, but I'm sure both hosts gave their best, so for that I greatly appreciated their efforts.


  5. @Hazel: Thanks!! I agree about the Oscars! It was quite entertaining nonetheless. :)

    @Vera: Thank u!