Thursday, March 3, 2011

/It's Black, It's White/

DSC_1107 (2)

Wearing a Topshop dress (worn as a top), Forever 21 wide-legs (AKA elephant pants), Adrienne Vitadini white sash, Calvin Klein pumps, DKNY watch-cuff, Mr. Boyfriend's Ray-Bans.

DSC_1124-2 (2)

I love the blend of intricacy and simplicity of this dress... With the complex bead work on the shoulders (there's around 5 various kinds of beads and faux jewels to make this meticulous design... you can't see it, but the bigger gems are actually a dark amber color while the other jewels are several shades of silver) to the simple sexy-yet-classy U-neck back. It kinda reminds me of a pimped up Jersey U-Neck Mini from American Apparel.

DSC_1118 (2)

Hope I surprised you with a little pop of color with that last picture. :) Remember on one of my previous posts where I mentioned I wanted to start a capacious collection of vintage blazers from all over the world? Well, I was finally able to find some really good ones online at surprisingly decent prices... AND the best part is is that they're coming from different states. So at least it's a start and I got to stick through with my goal of attaining them from various places. I'll definitely showcase them once I receive them. I cannot wait!!


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)


  1. you look stylish once again. I love the black, it Is so hard to look fabulous in black. the pants have a very classic cut but they have the perfect length. You are right about the shoulders, they are the highlight of the look, so how fabulous that you have kept the rest simple. What you did with the belt is simple amazing. I am a big fan

  2. you look drop dead gorgeous with that dress on! love it. ohlala! :)