Sunday, March 6, 2011

/So Trousseau/

This weekend I had the honor of attending my good friend's bag launch, Trousseau by Reshma. The turn out was incredibly successful and people couldn't have walked out of the building happier with their exclusive Trousseau goodies. I don't know if you remember, but prior to this launch, I had included 3 Trousseau clutches in some of my posts, which can be found here, here, and here. I was so ecstatic to be THE FIRST person to showcase these fabulous bags!

Right before attending this launch, a friend of mine and Mr. Boyfriend's generously treated us to a haircut (for Mr. Boyfriend), makeup, hair and nails (for me) at his salon, Studio Zen. They did a terrific airbrush and kudos to them for successfully doing a smoky eye on my hard-to-work-with Chinese eyes. (They also did GREAT in making me feel like a princess for a good hour.) Thanks to all the staff over there and a great BIG shout out to Aaron M!


Wearing an Urban Outfitters mesh top, Forever 21 bandeau and belt, Mango trousers, H&M clutch, Rolex watch, vintage earrings, and Bakers shoes.


This is one of THE most stunning pieces my little eye spied at the launch. It was swiftly snatched up by my friend's mom... What a lucky lady!


These are some of the bags I like to call, The Rosettes.


Here are some of my friends who were also at the launch: Tippy E. and Tina D.L.


The snake skin collection


All HAIL the prettiest, most strikingly gorgeous head-turner!! I don't even know if all those adjectives put together make sense, but when I saw this clutch, I was absolutely speechless and astonished. This picture does NOT even do this clutch justice... the boldness of this red color has an unexplainable ability to catch the naked eye and make heads turn, and the meticulous detail that make up the rosette design is so unapologetically complex that it earns nothing less than pure appreciation.


Ahhh the Stingray cuffs... Ya, I ordered about 6 of them (Don't judge me).


While I was overjoyed with the collection as a whole, I do have to admit that the presence of these cupcakes made the whole experience an even bigger treat. Everyone I was talking to noticed that halfway through a conversation that I was leading, I would discreetly pop these num num nummers into my mouth... Yes, I know it's rude to talk with your mouth full, but I was hooked! They're from Sweet Patti Cakes and they are the most DEE-VINE cupcakes I've had thus far. The greatest thing is, they come in bite size or regular size, and they're so incredibly moist and superbly delicious.


Patti G. of Sweet Patti Cakes and Miss Trousseau herself, Reshma C.


One of my good friends, Tippy E. She's wearing a Zara blazer, Topshop knit top and shorts.


Capped the night off with dinner then a very LARGE flaming tower with some good friends. Had such a GREAT weekend!! Just reminds me of the disgusting fact that tomorrow's Monday once again. UGH.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

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