Wednesday, March 9, 2011

/Hush Tone/


Okaaay, so I know in all but one of the pictures I'm either looking down or looking to the side and this is strictly due to the fact that I look so haggard and am trying my absolute best to distract this problem, but what can you do. A loong and tedious day in an office where there is no outlet to provide fresh air is hardly the means to looking vivid and refreshing. I guess the constant change in weather and the toll it's taking on my body doesn't help either with my goal to looking resplendent. Nonetheless, I decided to wear something radically uncomplicated to brighten up my mood and colors that do it for me are in the nude family. To avoid the monotony that could result from an all-the-same-color kind of outfit, I threw on the over-the-knee socks to give my favorite color a little shout out (I'm all about the shout outs, if you haven't noticed already).

Wearing a Forever 21 blazer, Urban Outfitters top, Topshop shorts, black knee highs, black booties, and Ralph Lauren necklace.


  1. love the motion of your look, every piece is a treasure on his own, but combined it even looks better. The color and the cut of the shorts are simple divine. The blouse adds a little bit of a romantic touch, the blazer makes it a little bit more chique. Love the color combination the pale neutral colors look fabulous.

  2. you look absolutely perfect !!!! :)