Tuesday, May 31, 2011

/Pounding the Pavement/


Wearing a vintage Escada silk blouse, Forever 21 shorts and necklace, Steve Madden shoes, Michael Kors sunglasses and watch, Trousseau by Reshma stingray cuff, and Prada bag.

I recently ordered this vintage blouse online and fell hard for it. The first night I got it, I wore it with a pair of maroon flared trousers, a leopard belt, and a pair of black snakeskin pumps. Though it's been blistering hot out, I decided this blouse is just way too pretty to be sitting in my closet. What better way to wear it than to a coffee date with Mr. Boyfriend.

This past week was severely tiring, to say the least. I got sick once again (damn rain + heat + rain + heat), had a little too much fun at 3 separate birthdays, styled my good friend's engagement pictures on a sailboat in Subic (and oh yes, it rained), and now have a steady addiction to the game Tilt to Live. I'm not really a big gamer... no, I'm not a gamer AT ALL actually... and this game literally takes 100% of my focus and immediately makes me ignore everything I was doing prior to my picking up an ipad or an iphone to play it. My friends... they get mad at me cause I'd rather play this game than talk to them... I'm sorry. Just sharing.


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend

Monday, May 23, 2011

/Cruel Summer/


The sweltering heat outside that has cursed Manila with its presence on a daily basis has made me involuntarily gravitate towards anything light, short, and unfussy. It's just so much more comfortable dressing in unfussy, breeze-enhancing clothes that are made of thin or even non-existent material whenever the weather calls for it. Really wishing I was in Hawaii right now with Mr. Boyfriend, chilling on the beach at the North Shore with a very large mojito in one hand and the other lost in a large bowl of truffle fries... Or anything fried for that matter.

Wearing Forever 21 knit top and dress, Charlotte Russe boots, Michael Kors watch, and Ray-Ban sunglasses.


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend

Thursday, May 19, 2011

/Summer Mashup/

This mashup of pictures pretty much sums up my mood board as of late...

(Alejandra Alonso in Vogue Russia May 2011, Vogue Russia, Nasty Gal, Lily Aldridge in Elle June, Anne He pictorials, On the Streets editorial, Friend of Mine RAFW S/S 2011, Shakuhachi lace shorts, Lily Aldridge)

With having only 2 seasons here in the Philippines, them being Rainy and Dry (AKA summer), I decided to compile an assemblage of spreads and runway pictures that depict the kind of mood I'm in for summer. Though I wouldn't wear every single piece found in these pictures, I still find that each and every item describes the ideal summer look perfectly. I love the tiered shoulder long sleeve lace crop top, the cream rosette hot shorts, the silver sequins jacket, the suede sleeveless top and the butterfly petal shorts, the python shorts, and of course, the white flower lace shorts.

Most of the outfits I've been wearing lately have been really casual, much like the On the Streets editorial (minus the mini booty shorts) and the outfit from the Friend of Mine RAFW show, where chic and comfort are the obvious priorities. Although dresses and skirts play integral roles in girls' wardrobes (most especially for summer), I feel like sometimes the simplicity of shorts and a flowy top are the only essentials needed in creating the perfect casual look for summer.


(Images via Fashion Gone Rogue, Studded Hearts, The Fashion Spot)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

/Privé - Trousseau feat. Madhuri/

Beyond thrilled to have been asked to be one of Trousseau's muses for Privé night at Member's Only, the job also delightfully called for a photo shoot to showcase the current Trousseau by Reshma collection -- a very diverse array of clutches composed of shell, stingray skin (sanded and non), and my personal favorite, black lace. The new collection also included a wider range of colors for the stingray cuffs which come in both gold and silver (new!) settings.

The showcase also featured an elegant collection of drapey/Grecian style jersey dresses ranging in a broad spectrum of bold colors by Madhuri Hemandas -- also one of the NICEST and modest people I have ever met. Each dress created for this collection lucidly gave out the message of multiformity and regality, yet all still shared the similarity of being time period dresses that could be worn by modern day Grecian goddesses. The two collections coalesced together created a huge leap forward for Philippine fashion, alluringly towards the direction of pure elegance.


How gorgeous is Priti Hemandas? She is such a natural beauty and an absolute joy to be around.


Photography by Mikey Orsolino

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Okay, okay, so I know I've been saying this alot lately, but I sincerely apologize for the looooong hiatus. To quote the title of Lupe Fiasco's song, the show goes on. The past week composed of work, work, and work, Mr. Boyfriend's birthday, catching up with old friends, taking long drives to find the perfect restaurant and the perfect thing to do, went to the movies twice and LOVED it, oh, and some more work.

Today I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with a pool of talents for the Trousseau by Reshma feat. Madhuri Hemandas Prive Show, which is going to be held on Wednesday, May 11 at Members Only at 9PM (I hope to see you there!). I had so much fun playing dress up with the most beautiful (and comfortable) new line of jersey dresses made by Madhuri, and to put the cherry on top of each dress, I got to choose and wear most of the new bags and accessories of the yet-to-be unveiled new line of Trousseau goodies. In addition, this shoot was a great excuse to get to work and hang out with my talented photographer friend -- AKA Mikey Orsolino -- again. I can't exactly show you all the results of the photo shoot, but just to give you a taste, here's a little teaser:


Truthfully speaking, this is the only Grecian-inspired dress I've worn where I felt like an actual Greek goddess. It's so heavily draped in all the right ways.


I love how the colors on this clutch pop out of the black background... it's as if they glow in the dark.


... And that's all the pictures you're gonna get from this shoot!

Photography by Mikey Orsolino

Sunday, May 1, 2011

/H&M Spring/


H&M never EVER disappoints! Did you check out the price tags of those blazers?? I think someone needs to open up an H&M here in the Philippines PRONTO!


(Images via Fashion Gone Rogue)