Tuesday, May 31, 2011

/Pounding the Pavement/


Wearing a vintage Escada silk blouse, Forever 21 shorts and necklace, Steve Madden shoes, Michael Kors sunglasses and watch, Trousseau by Reshma stingray cuff, and Prada bag.

I recently ordered this vintage blouse online and fell hard for it. The first night I got it, I wore it with a pair of maroon flared trousers, a leopard belt, and a pair of black snakeskin pumps. Though it's been blistering hot out, I decided this blouse is just way too pretty to be sitting in my closet. What better way to wear it than to a coffee date with Mr. Boyfriend.

This past week was severely tiring, to say the least. I got sick once again (damn rain + heat + rain + heat), had a little too much fun at 3 separate birthdays, styled my good friend's engagement pictures on a sailboat in Subic (and oh yes, it rained), and now have a steady addiction to the game Tilt to Live. I'm not really a big gamer... no, I'm not a gamer AT ALL actually... and this game literally takes 100% of my focus and immediately makes me ignore everything I was doing prior to my picking up an ipad or an iphone to play it. My friends... they get mad at me cause I'd rather play this game than talk to them... I'm sorry. Just sharing.


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend