Friday, February 18, 2011


For some odd reason, all I catch myself doing nowadays is come home from work and obsessively search online for all things vintage, most especially, vintage blazers. I think I've fully come to the deep consideration of starting a vast collection of vintage blazers... and since I travel quite a number of times a year, it is now a future goal of mine to take advantage and attain vintage blazers from multifarious parts of the world... or at least a wishful future goal.

Speaking of travel, it's without a doubt one of my most favorite hobbies and actually serves as the key outlet to spending time with my family. My friend once told me that she knew somebody who could consistently take upon a job just to save enough for a year long vacation around the world, would quit her job and go on that said vacation, then would find another job, and would continue the same process all over again. Talk about vacation dedication.


Here I'm wearing a Forever 21 faux leather vest and gray pumps, an inner gray vest, Urban Outfitters top, M+P+E harem pants, Michael Kors gold watch, and of course, an exceptional Trousseau BY RESHMA handwoven clutch.


What makes this clutch a definite one-of-a-kind is that the top portion can be lifted off, which to me officially serves as THE most unique way of opening a bag!


I'm off to bed. I know I say this every Thursday, but TGIF tomorrow!!!


(Photography by Mikey Orsolino & Mr. Boyfriend)


  1. Found your blog via chictopia. I love your sophisticated style, you always look sweet and adorable but oh so stylish. I also love your diversity. So I will be following you via bloglovin
    I love the pants so much, the cut is just perfect. The shoes have a very exuberant shape, and the color is so great (and you can wear them with so many things). The clutch is ABSOLUTELY an eye catcher and the finishing touch. You’ve put a great look together. Can’t wait to see more

  2. Love this look! Very pretty! Love the night shots too!

  3. @ Absolutely Mrs. K: Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog, let alone leave me such an inspiring comment. It's readers like you that truly motivate me to improve each succeeding outfit post. :) I checked your blog out as well. I admire your usage of such bold colors in your outfits!

    @ Baby Budget: Thank you so much for reading! :)