Sunday, February 20, 2011

/Blue Sunday/

Ever since I was a "youngling," I've always been very fond of the color blue, whether it was periwinkle, navy, baby blue, and even a mix of blue/green, like turquoise. It seemed particularly odd to my mom that blue had become my favorite color most especially since she would always dress me up in anything and everything pink that she would lay her eyes on... which ironically was the color I used to loathe, but now am somewhat warming up to. With that being said, I grabbed this blue clutch from Trousseau by Reshma right when it caught my eye and knew I just had to HAVE this.


Wearing Urban Outfitters polka dotted top and lace top-turned-sweater, black high waisted shorts, black checkered mesh tights, H&M shoes, Forever 21 gold necklace, and a blue handwoven clutch by Trousseau BY RESHMA.


Speaking of blue, I'm praying hard not to have the occasional Monday blues tomorrow...


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)


  1. What a sweet/adorable/elegant and so stylish outfit. The dots look perfect and. The blouse is so delicate and precious. I always love lace and they should use it for more purposes. The shorts are very stylish, they are not the usual one and I love the buttons. I’m not such a big fan of pattern tights but that is just personal. The blue clutch turns your outfit into an evening look. perfect to have a delightful cocktail.

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  3. isn't the color beautiful??? loved it when i saw it as well :D -laju