Tuesday, February 22, 2011

/Ode to the 70's/

While working on this post, it was interesting to come upon the thought that all throughout college and several years after that, all I ever wanted to wear were t-shirts, skinny jeans/pants/anything skinny and long-legged, and flip flops. Up until mid last year, I've noticed that my consistent wearing of skinny jeans/skinny trousers had finally been replaced by MC Hammer-inspired-harem pants, ankle cropped trousers and flapped or pleated trousers. In stumbling across these thoughts, I've come to be cognizant of my evolving style and that it has continuously been swayed by trends. That being said, I decided to finally break that spell and do justice to the style of pants that I've always had a soft spot for: flares.


Here I'm wearing an H&M pleated top (which I decided to wear backwards and I tucked the sleeves up to the top portion of my arm, giving them more volume), no label flare pants (which I've had for a gazillion years now), Gap belt, Ralph Lauren necklace, and gold sandals).


Mr. Boyfriend and I found a secret place that adds a lot of "depth" to our shots... and definitely A LOT of height.


We watched 127 Hours last weekend (after months of not going to the movies) and I still can't stop thinking about it. Minus one gruesome-but-couldn't-stop-watching scene, it's inspiring to see how some people really live their lives in accordance with the saying "live life to the fullest."


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)


  1. what a delightful blouse, so so elegant. That color looks fabulous. I love the fact how you’ve combined it with the gold chains. Just right. The jeans have the right cut and length. The pale blue color looks amazing with the peach. Your sandals are really sophisticated, so perfect for the outfit.

  2. wow amazing outfit & photos :) great style you have