Sunday, January 9, 2011

/Day 1/

Welcome to Pearlescent Style! Since I spend most of my time online reading blogs anyway, I decided that now (although I think I'm joining in on the blogging world quite late) would be the perfect time to start my own and to be able to share with others the various things that I love.

One of the things that I love is fashion... I thought, why not kick things off with a quick outfit post.


I love how these Forever21 jeans are perfectly destroyed in all the right places. They're incredibly comfortable and stretchy as well. I think I've worn these ones out since I can't seem to find another pair of destroyed jeans that aren't borderline trashy nor are ripped the way I want them to be. I paired these jeans with a leopard faux-furred belt from Topshop, which my very generous brother surprised me with.



Nowadays, I can't seem to get enough of the feminine/masculine mesh look. I love pairing "rough" textures with something that is a little more feminine, or ethereal.

Wearing a gorgeous flowy dark peach colored top from H&M and shoes from a random side street store, both from Hong Kong.


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  1. Welcome to the blog world of fashion, I'm glad you joined!!! you defiantly have an eye for fashion so that needs to be shared!!!!
    I am so glad i ran into your post "the man who stole a leopard" post. I am adding you to my "daily dose" on my blog as we speak!!!