Tuesday, January 29, 2013

/Goodbye, January/


Wearing Forever 21 vest and jeans, vintage silk pajama top, Mango shoes, Michael Kors watch, and Ray-Ban sunnies.

Though I'm trying extremely hard to veer away from fast-fashion houses like Forever 21, this vest was one of the best last purchases I ever made from there. Vests, well, at least the ones I'm used to wearing, typically have a length that rest at the hip, but this one was definitely an exception... and has maybe even started a new obsession for me: calf-length vests. And maybe even robes. And jackets. Oh, and blazers! Oh my.

I started an all veggie-fruit-organic diet on Monday and as an effect broke out from all the detoxing. To follow through with going organic, as well as the vicious fact that I've been using chemicals on my skin since I was 13 and they have not been helping me in any way whatsoever (despite it being 10+ years later), I've been trying a bunch of easy homemade masks that have been doing me some good thus far. The baking soda and honey mask (found here) has been an amazing natural remedy that dried out unwanted pimples overnight and kept the rest of my skin nicely exfoliated and smooth. As a moisturizer, I alternated between jojoba oil, which stimulates the production of collagen and helps heal wounds faster, and olive oil. It may sound incredibly unappealing to rub olive oil on already oily skin, but it's a great way to treat acne naturally. Olive oil has been a natural remedy by women for thousands of years as it is full of Vitamin E and antioxidants, which keep your skin nicely hydrated and soft, and fights free radicals to slow down the appearance of aging. You can read up more on jojoba oil for acne here and olive oil fighting acne here.

I can't wait for Friday to finally be here - I'm going to the beach (Boracay to be exact) for a friend's bachelorette!


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend

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