Friday, January 21, 2011

/Fan the Fire/



Believe it or not, this pleather aviator jacket is actually from the Girl's section of H&M. When one of my good friends and I were shopping at the Water Tower in downtown Chicago, we noticed that the kids' section had REALLY cute clothes and shoes, and were consumed with complete happiness when we were able to buy identical jackets, jeggings (for $5!!), flats and more from this section... And at much cheaper prices!


The deep camel color is what really caught my eye with this jacket. I can't really use it since the weather here is quite hot all year round, but the recent chilly (I LOVE the cold!) weather has permitted me to finally show it off.



Also wearing an Urban Outfitters loose top, Tyler trousers, Bakers shoes, a Forever 21 gold necklace, a Ralph Lauren gold-chained bracelet, and plum lipstick. I'm currently experimenting and obsessing over the multitudinous shades of red lipsticks out there...




Hope everyone is having a great week! xx

(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

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