Thursday, February 3, 2011

/Primary Gray/

Lately I've stumbled upon the realization that I spend most of my free time online, satisfying a music + photography-blog binge that I've recently developed. There's truly no greater feeling than shutting out the rest of the world via kick ass noise-cancelling sub-woofer headphones while indulging in other activities (i.e. reading, writing, surfing the net). In my case, it's photography blogs. I love how these bloggers captivate their readers with their different styles of taking pictures + editing, yet still have the ability to leave some things for the imagination. Here's one blog that I am currently obsessed with. This girl is extraordinarily talented... and she's only 19!! She's a phenomenal writer as well.

Meanwhile, here are a few shots that Mr. Boyfriend and I took.


Wearing a top and maxi dress from Forever 21, Miss Trish sandals, H&M rings and silver/gunmetal bangles.


This is a picture I took a little past sundown from none other than Mr. Boyfriend's window... He's so lucky to have a view like this.

TGIF tomorrow!! Some much needed rest + lots-o ginger tea to finally get rid of my never ending sore throat are on my agenda this weekend.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

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