Tuesday, February 1, 2011



I've been itching to wear this strong-shouldered top with something other than a skirt, and high-waisted trousers seemed like the perfect complement. I know that it's absolutely ridiculous to wear a scarf in a tropical country where the weather doesn't typically go any lower than 70 deg. F, but I just couldn't resist! Plus this scarf had been sitting in my closet for the longest time, just waiting to be used.


I had SOO much fun doing this shoot, especially during the latter part -- in front of the graffiti garage. 25 shots were taken in the span of 2 minutes due to the local city guard circling the area and staring at us intently while we trespassed into this area just to get this backdrop... so a little rogue-ness + swiftness were absolutely imperative. It didn't exactly help that there were around 10 random pedestrians passing by to watch either...


Wearing a Mango top, Mango trousers, Calvin Klein heels, gifted scarf, Michael Kors gold watch, vintage gold key necklace, H&M gold earrings.



(Photography by Mikey Orsolino)

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