Tuesday, March 22, 2011

/Colorful Weave/


This denim jacket is without a doubt one of the OLDEST things I own in my closet to date. I recall receiving it as a Christmas gift when I was around 13 and the total number of times I've worn it from then until now can be counted with just one hand...and that’s counting this outfit right here. Yes, how very UNeconomical of me to NOT maximize the utility of this jacket, but I think I do deserve a couple brownie points for keeping it close to "brand new" status for this long. I think an inevitable vice that occurs with most girls is the unintentional negligence of clothes. It’s the truth… I’m speaking from experience.

Wearing a DKNY jean jacket, a somewhat ripped and disheveled Forever 21 woven knit top (For some reason, the more tears and loose threads this top unravels, the better it looks), vintage silk scallop shorts (originally part of a nightie set), random black tights, H&M booties, Michael Kors sunglasses and watch.


I don’t know what it is about growing old or if it’s just me, but time goes by exceptionally fast. I feel like I went to sleep in 2009 for a minute and woke up in 2011... Just a random thought.

Another random thought: I wish the weather in the Philippines could suddenly multiply from 2 seasons (rainy and scolding HOT summer) to 4 seasons. I feel the weather here serves as one of the biggest hindrances for showcasing a wider variety of clothing... I mean, sometimes I wanna be able to wear mid-calf boots and a trench outside in the middle of March (which is technically Summer in the Philippines) without having to sweat up a storm, you know?

(Photography by (the infamous) Mr. Boyfriend)

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