Tuesday, March 15, 2011


From time to time, I like to post the things that I'm currently into, mostly pertaining to my favorite hobbies/things: music, books, fashion, food, etc. Now I know the title of this post is currently, but to tell you honestly, currently I've really been kickin it back old school and have been taking a LONG walk down memory lane, back to the stuff I love and that provide me with that gooey, satisfied feeling.



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Escapade, one of the tracks on Rhythm Nation, is probably my favorite since it's one of those songs where you can dance that "who the hell cares if I look like a fool" dance. Jay-Z's (my ALL-TIME favorite rapper/hip hop artist/producer/CEO of Def Jam/investor) The Black Album... mmmmm... wow. That's all I can say. WOW. Waaay too many ingenious tracks to pick a sole favorite. I'm just gonna list down my personal number ones, and you're gonna have to listen for yourself as to why they WOW me so much, even after all these years (unless of course you're not into hip-hop/rap music). My favorites (not in any order): Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Change Clothes, Encore, Public Service Announcement, and 99 Problems. This album's just a little taste of Jay-Z's musical brilliance.



These were my mom's vintage accordion pants from the late 1980's. I secretly (kind of) stole them back when we were rummaging through old storage in Chicago last year and recently had them altered a couple months ago -- they were originally HUGE, almost parachute-like.


I have on a Zara men's linen button down, my mom's vintage accordion crop pants, Bakers shoes, vintage necklace, DKNY watch cuff, and Cynthia Rowley sunglasses.


Now I know this is the second post in a row that I'm mentioning this, but seeing newly released pictures and videos of Japan and its current status continuously breaks my heart to the point where doing nothing is just NOT an acceptable option. Please help by making a donation.

For international readers:
American Red Cross

For Philippine readers:
Groupon Beeconomics (they have a great deal going on right now where they will match your donation)


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