Monday, April 11, 2011

/Harper's Bazaar Korea/


I just love when editorials don't get too crazy with color, makeup, and poses, and from time to time, go back to the classics... much like this spread. It allows the reader the opportunity to fully take in and appreciate cuts and basic details that essentially make the clothing so special. The clean lines, the sheath silhouette from the dark beige dress (how gorgeous is that gold choker?!), and the usage of nude colors with eye-popping makeup truly adds something modernly beautiful to a spread that resembles a throwback of the 70's.

I've been itching to try this "Amy Winehouse" eye makeup out... though not really to her extent. The effect of shaping your eyelids with thick or thin lines then taking it to another level by creating a cat-like shape towards the end of the upper fold gives it so much depth and intensity. One of my favorite bloggers, Denni from The Chic Muse has got this cat-eye/Cleopatra-eye down pat.


Images via: WhoWhatWear Blog

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