Saturday, April 9, 2011

/Casual Saturday/

Sorry for the LOOONG interval with posts, but my time was entirely consumed by all work-related things (okay, maybe not ALL) for the most part of the week. Work-related stress, or any kind of stress for that matter, is so much easier to balance when you have friends to help with the de-stressing process as well as introduce NEW things/events/people to blissfully creep into your tedious daily routine... caught up with some friends at the Copper, attended a very CHOCOLATEy event and got to watch (and meet) a VERY talented local singer's gig on the same night (seriously, SO talented... he has the BEST renditions of Dido's White Flag, Elton John's Tiny Dancer, and sang Dave Matthews' The Space Between even better than Dave himself), ended my work week with a gruelling exam that took what felt like forever to finish, a crazy house party, and the best ending of all endings to an intense week: the weekend.


Wearing Forever 21 top, pants, and cardigan, H&M belt, Zara shoes, and Ray-Ban aviators.


I'm probably the last person to know about this magazine, but today I came across an issue of Wallpaper and literally COULD NOT put it down. It has THE most interesting spreads and articles that are just too good to skim over. I put the magazine down with an epiphany to make some DIY decors for my room... I think I'll start this little project tomorrow.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

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