Monday, April 4, 2011

/At the Park/


I've had this little summer dress sitting in my closet for a good year now and forgot about its existence until I found it stuck in between two hangers holding drapey blouses. I tried it on and remembered exactly why I've forgotten about it all this time... it's 6 sizes bigger and its length falls below my knees. Hence, to fix this tiny problem, I tied the ends of the dress to make a little knot in the front, put a skirt and tights on, grabbed my leather jacket (purely for the sake of fashion since it's 80 degrees out), and went to the park.


Wearing an H&M dress and jacket, skirt (from a local designer who's name I've forgotten), tights, Zara shoes, Forever 21 necklace and sunnies, and a bangle I got from a random boutique in Hong Kong.


Going to this park today made me nostalgic for the Downers Grove park. I used to go there on Sundays with my Dad and brothers back when I lived in Illinois. My Dad always encouraged us to exercise and would make us compete with one another doing kiddie workouts on the monkey bars and doing pull ups on random exercise stations. I had to put this skill to the test and truly prove to myself that age hasn't gotten the best of me... so I challenged Mr. Boyfriend to a round of swinging over at the monkey bars a couple days ago. We all know who won that contest.


(Photography by Mr. Boyfriend)

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