Friday, April 1, 2011


I had the privilege of attending an awards ceremony to honor the most fashionable designers and muses whom encapsulate the very essence of the Philippines' modern-day fashion, the Privé Fashion Awards. Lucky for me, the awards were held over at Members Only, where my friends and I had our own little corner and munched on the most delectable truffle french fries (one of the BEST things about Members) while watching the hand out of all the awards.


I wore an altered dress from Asos, leather belt from Zara, stingray cuffs and shell bag from Trousseau. Those stingray cuffs are definitely one of my favorite things from the Trousseau line. They come in various sizes, oh-so-many colors, and even styles. I'm wearing a combination of 2 and I just love how they complement one another so well, yet are still equally distinguishable when worn together.


I got to meet the main organizers of the event, Theresa Leung and Claudine De Leon (both respectively on the right) of Leung De Leon Marketing. They were absolutely affable and pleasant to talk to and I continuously admire them so much for being able to throw such extraordinary events on an almost weekly basis. In the middle are Mica Agdamag and Trish Leung, otherwise known as 2 of THE most fun people I've ever met and have become such good friends with, whom also organized the event.


Here are 2 of my best friends, Miss Trousseau AKA Reshma Chulani and Miss Tippy Enriquez. I've known them since college and we always have so much fun when we're together. Although we've all come to the sad conclusion that we are all getting older (evidence of this is the trading of anti-aging secrets. Boo.) and have such hectic schedules, we definitely catch up from where we left off whenever we see each other and try to make it a pertinent point to meet on an every other weekend basis.

I will be adding more pictures from this event later on. Right now I'm about to spend some eating time with Mr. Boyfriend... cause you know I'm all about date night and I'm equally all about eating.

(Photography by LDL's Sandro Paredes)

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