Sunday, April 24, 2011


Coming off a surprisingly enjoyable and complacent long Easter weekend spent with my family, highlights included: early morning breakfasts at McD's which I never get to do on a normal basis, but actually anticipated due to their delectable sausage egg mcmuffins, lots-o-Chinese food/Dimsum (which I LOVE), quick drives out of town for lunch and view of the scenery, 2 trips to the casino over at Resorts World (who knew my dad would be one of THE FUNNEST people to go to the casino with?! And one of the most lively Baccarat HUSTLAS you will ever meet!), an overload of fruit consumption due to my parents' habit of buying too much of everything they see - this includes random fruit stands we encountered on the side of streets, and THE BEST PART -- finally receiving a few of the vintage blazers I ordered online a few weeks back (more posts on those blazers coming REAL SOON).

A couple weeks ago, I attended a Triumph event over at Members Only and was seriously taken aback at the creations made by some of the students from the School of Fashion and the Arts. These kids had no problem whatsoever taking large steps outside of the conformity box and creating lingerie/underwear that defines the word innovative. While some of the designs had more of a futuristic vibe to them and others leaned more towards costume, I think it's definitely safe to say that none of the designs diverged from Triumph's true essence: femininity.



This design was the second runner up. This cream colored onesie has such an intricate texture made of the perfect amount of linear and circular designs... I would totally purchase this piece and use it as a swimsuit.


This design placed first runner up. I just love the crochet work on this piece with just the right amount of holes and in all the right places.


This design won the People's Choice Award. This model was TOTALLY fierce and dedicated to her role down the runway. I was not at all surprised that she garnered people's votes for this award.


This design was the winner and the designer gets to compete internationally in Berlin with this little creation of hers. I could not keep my eyes off the deep red and silver color combination of this three piece.


Here I wore a Topshop top and leather shorts, an H&M necklace, complete with deep red lips and coral nails. Of course, I couldn't leave the house without my favorite mustard clutch from Trousseau. Here are some of my friends who were at the event as well -- I always have so much fun with them!: Mazie P., Leanne T., Tricia L., Cherry E., Mica A., and Joanna L.


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