Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last week I mentioned on this post a bunch of activities/events that were keeping me absent from the blogging world for a couple days, and one of those events included Chocolate Clothing's Launch (to celebrate the new brands that are now being carried in their stores) that was held at Opus, a restaurant/lounge over at Resorts World.

The night consisted of summery patterns and print, frilly and tiered dresses, radically sleek and skinny black pants with even cooler leather patches on the knees (can you tell this one's my favorite?), chunky gold and silver plated accessories, 9 resplendent icons chosen by Chocolate Clothing - my favorite icon was the ever-so-alluring Reshma Chulani, multiple flash photogs, and exceptionally delectable finger food that myself and Mr. Boyfriend gorged on. Most of the finger food were ingeniously served on Chinese soup spoons, where each bite was small enough to still be considered finger food, yet big enough to completely satisfy each and every taste bud. Some of our soup spoon favorites included the tender steak bite on top of a bed of mashed potatoes, the bite of foie gras with something tangy and sweet that I just can't quite put my finger on, and the amazing teeny tiny hamburger bites.


Aren't those leather-knee patch pants just killer?? How great would they look with a bold colored silk or flowy polyester blouse? Need them in my closet. NOW.


Here I am with 3 lovelies (who are no strangers to this blog): Tippy E., Patti G. and Reshma C. I was wearing a one-shouldered Topshop tunic/dress, Tyler pants, and Zara shoes.


On the left is one of the Chocolate icons, Reshma C. AKA Miss Trousseau (I honestly can't rave ENOUGH about her amazing line. P.S. her Prive night is going to be on May 11, so stay tuned!). On the right is Patti G. (of Sweet Patti Cakes) who is not only a sweetheart, but is such an AMAZING cupcake baker. I say that in all seriousness... my mouth is always so replete with bliss whenever her cupcakes are around.


To cap the night off, the 3 lovelies & co., Mr. Boyfriend, and myself all had a late dinner at a nearby restaurant where we talked, laughed, and truffle fried the night away.


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