Thursday, April 5, 2012

/A Pop of Blue and Orange/

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After my trip back from Chicago, life has been nothing but busy busy busy. I have 4 additional classes aside from the other 4 I already have, plus work, and trying to fit in a guilty obligation to use up an unlimited 30-day workout voucher I impulsively bought one late night when I couldn't sleep. Despite the busy schedule, I still manage to find some time for dinners and drinks with friends. Though being with friends is always comforting and genuinely fun, meeting new people has also been one of my most favorite things to do. Without Mr. Boyfriend with me, I was lucky enough to have my last post photographed by the very talented Adam Kohlhaas, an awesome photographer who also happens to be a friend of mine in Chicago. I've also been incredibly lucky here in New York to have made a new friend in Paolo Carranceja, who just so happens to be an events photographer.

The weather has been so unpredictable lately, alternating between warm and sunny, cold and rainy, and cold and hair-tousling windy. Secretly I was ecstatic inside because a.) I love cold weather and b.) the cold is just an excuse to wear the perfect fur vest. With the right amount of volume and incredible face-grazing softness, I couldn't resist (despite my not being able to wear it in tropical weather when I go back to Manila). This coat from SheInside has been such a great warming tool throughout this cold weather, and I most especially love it for its 2 huge side pockets, which are spectacular in aiding me with holding my Metrocard, my iphone, Chapstick, and even a water bottle.

For those who have yet to purchase something from SheInside, they are exclusively offering 20% off your total purchase if you use the coupon code PEA20 at, which is only valid until April 30th. Happy shopping!

Wearing a SheInside coat, Zara top, pants and shoes, Arden B vest, and Kate Spade bag.


Photography by Paolo Carranceja

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