Monday, July 2, 2012

/4PM Lunch Call/


Deciding on what to wear for a formal affair. Wearing a Topshop shirt/blouse and Zara pumps.

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Mr. Boyfriend and I took a road trip up to Baguio for a friend's 4-day wedding last weekend, and though the wedding itself was nothing less than spectacular, the weather was what captivated me the most. Going to a relatively cool, mountainous region in the middle of a typhoon created a whole new level of vacation experience for me, where admiring the mystifying thick fog and nippy, wet weather was pretty much an ongoing activity throughout the duration of our trip. Just being surrounded by the pleasantly opaque fog, the beautiful, ginormous trees, and the fresh air that comes with was such a charming change of pace that Baguio now garners some serious consideration as a yearly vacation destination with some friends.

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Wearing a Forever 21 blouse and skirt, H&M necklace, Zara heels, Trousseau by Reshma lace clutch and stingray bangle, and Ralph Lauren bracelet.


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend

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