Tuesday, November 20, 2012



After spending so many days in a row wearing pants, going back to my usual uniform of shorts and an airy top felt really, really good. I always find it incredibly uncomfortable to wear pants in such tropical weather, but sometimes it's always good to change up routine items you consistently rotate from your closet.


This quilted jacket is another item I can add to my collection of quilted things... if I can call 2 quilted jackets a collection. It's light enough to wear for a long duration in the heat and yet versatile enough to be worn in places of colder climates.


Wearing a quilted jacket from Zara, Forever 21 bandeau, H&M Conscious Collection shorts, Zara pumps, Valentino sunglasses, Rolex watch, and vintage rhinestone bracelet.

I've been working with my family's business for some time now, and go back and forth from Cebu to Manila every week, so being back in Manila for longer than usual has made me so unbelievably happy! I know I can definitely say some of my friends are sick of me saying that, but I truly, truly am.


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend

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