Thursday, January 10, 2013

/A Little Bit Frilly Minded/

DSC_0815 (2)

My style continuously changes and I can confidently say that my usual uniform of 2012 was shorts, a loose top, and some form of ankle boot with a tiny bit of a heel. With a new year comes a new mindset to change it up a bit, starting with this little frilly number I decided to throw on to brighten up a Thursday.

DSC_0794 (3)
DSC_0811 (2)
DSC_0820 (2)

Wearing a vintage top, Ya Los Angeles skirt -- which I originally bought for a night of salsa dancing back in NYC, Zara heels, and Mango necklace.

Now that I've fully shaken off the holidaze, it's been a week full of work, catching up on some reading and TV shows, cozy late night movies with the Boyfriend, and late late night online window shopping and blog surfing. Ever since seeing these pictures on Gary Pepper Girl's blog, I've been reading up on and am planning a trip to this certain destination later this year with a good friend of mine... I've been hearing that it's one of the must-see places of 2013.


Can you guess where?


Photography by Mr. Boyfriend

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