Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As busy as my schedule is on a day-to-day basis - handling my day job to a strict workout regimen, my blog plus all the little tidbits in between - I still find the time to unwind through reading and watching/listening to any form of pop culture entertainment.

Last week, I currently finished reading:

Magic of Thinking Big
It's Not How Good You Are...
How to Win Friends

The choice of books that I currently read have dramatically shifted compared to a couple years ago when I was in college and would read books that were light, funny, and usually had a plot that circled relationships/friendships. I've always been into books on positivity, success, and self-awareness since I was young, but any and all types of books that contribute to my growth, happiness, and the attainment of my goals are really what I'm into these days... Just typing that made me feel old(er). But didn't anyone ever tell you that 26 is the new 20?

Over the weekend, my little cousins came to visit from Las Vegas and luckily were able to go on a mini Asian tour prior to hanging out with my brother and I. We hung out and watched:


I'm not really big on cartoons (even when I was a kid), except for the usual round of Disney suspects, but surprisingly, I really enjoyed Despicable Me 2. I hadn't seen the first one, but I thought the plot and characters were really admirable and funny.

I started watching...


This show is definitely something different to the lineup of shows that I currently keep on rotation, but I'm glad my friend introduced me to it. Sherlock (the character) is a hybrid of House and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, dominated by a keen sense of detective-ness. All three characters have an overwhelming characteristic in common: being brilliantly weird.

I'm still currently listening to...

Magna Carta Holy Grail

God, this album's so good. From the classic hip hop style to the lyrics, Jay-Z can continue to say that he's retiring from music, but if he keeps releasing albums/songs out the way that he does, I really don't think he's going anywhere.

Watched this movie again for the 129,000th time...

Don't Tell Mom

This movie brings back so many feelings and memories from my childhood.

I'm currently into...

Good to Great
Escape from Camp 14

If you aren't already crushing on this chick along with the rest of the world, you will after seeing her newest campaign with Fendi...


And if that didn't do it for ya, I've attached a little video of her from the DKNY campaign (just in case)...



Photos via Google images, Refinery 29

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