Friday, September 2, 2011

/Trousseau by Reshma/

In a couple of my past posts, I constantly raved about the cutest clutches from Trousseau by Reshma (which you can see again here, here, and here). The natural material and unique stingray design on most of the clutches were such a hit that Reshma decided to diversify her stingray collection by including them on cuffs made of either gold (my favorite -- which you can see here) or silver and run in a wide range of colors. These cuffs literally go with anything and can spruce up any outfit.


The Trousseau by Reshma collection is now available in Luca at the Rockwell Mall or your can find them online here. These cuffs have gotten so much publicity this year, the same year the line was created. Hurry and get yours fast!


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